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Vijay Store has been involved in the manufacturing and processing of premium quality roasted products since 1951. It is the largest Indian Manufacturer of Traditional HAND ROASTED Namkeen.

It started on a very small scale, with supplies to local Markets in Jaipur City only in 1951. It slowly entered the Consumer Market, all over the Rajasthan and other part of country under its own Brand Name "Govindjee".

The soil of ''Rajasthan" is known for its warm hospitality and delicious foods. Jaipur, apart from being the industrial and business capital of Rajasthan, enjous the distinct essence of Marwaar culture, which is been spread all over India for years together with the unique taste of its delicacies; specially namkeens and sweets. Backed by the experience and expertise of over 70 years, Vijay Store stand today as one of the brand leaders in this highly sensitive market of ready to eat roasted food. Relying solely upon this seven letter word 'QUALITY'; Vijay Store has come a long way as an technologically advanced organisation which began its journey as a cottage industry, twenty nine years ago.

Having identified the need of bringing this vital industry in to organised sector, Vijay today enjoys the status as one of the few poineers who could sense the emerging needs of tomorrow's market.

To give consistent quality to its consumers, adaptation of mechanism was the first and the foremost step taken by Vijay store.

The wheels of quality have led us to this success, and we dedicate this to millions of our consumers. Vijay Store repeats its commitment for excellece for the years to come.


The roasting procedure is based on application of natural elements like water, fire ,salt, grains and pulses etc. Controlled temperature is maintained during the process to achieve proper roasting till the inner core of the grain. In some products, the raw materials are boiled and germinated under controlled environments before roasting.

The salted range of namkeens is roasted only in salt.

For seasoning application, the traditional practice of topping of oil results in inequitable application / soaking of oil by the grains which emits rancid smell in the product, in the long run. Whereas our spiced range of namkeens are roasted followed by equitable spraying of refined edible oil by spraying machine for seasoning application. This kind of spraying prevents the rancid smell thus increasing the shelf life of the product.

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